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Auto Detailing

Auto Detailing with Envue Auto Works

Envue Auto Works proudly provides expert car detailing services for car owners that love their vehicles. Our comprehensive service provides complete auto detailing with the highest quality products and tools, ensuring that every surface of your vehicle is treated gently and thoroughly. Contact Envue Auto Works today and let us show you all the services and products we offer that will leave your vehicle as beautiful as the day you drove it off the lot.

Auto Detailing, Birmingham, AL 35233
Auto Detailing, Birmingham, AL 35233
  • Ceramic Paint Coatings

    Ceramic Paint Coating

    Ceramic Coatings protect against oxidation, bird droppings, bug splatter, tree sap, and harmful UV damage. Ceramic coatings also are much harder than your vehicles clear coat, this property alone helps with scratches and swirling caused by washing. Ceramic Coating Installation will add much more depth and gloss to your vehicle while also protecting the exterior surfaces! At Envue Auto Works we are one of only two "Authorized Installers" In Alabama for Opti Coat Pro and Pro +. More info can be found about Opti Coatings at


    Ceramic Coatings are not like a wax or sealant that will wash away or break down over time with exposure to chemicals and enviroment. Ceramic Coatings bond permanently with the factory paint and will not "delaminate". When compared to other paint protection products like wax or sealants Opti Coat is more than 100 times thicker! This allowing it to absorb damage that would otherwise affect the painted surface. Opti Coat offers protection for paint, glass, leather and vinyl, fabric, plastic trim parts, and also offers paint protection "film" that will protect against more substantial damage like rock chips! Contact us today to learn more about Ceramic Coatings, Pricing, and if a Ceramic Coating is a good fit for you!


  • Maintenance Wash/Detail

    Maintenance Wash/Detail

    This service is only offered to our regular customers who are on a scheduled program with us. We sometimes offer it for customers who have a new vehicle or a vehicle needing very little work. We use spotless water giving it a thorough hand wash, clean wheels/tires and wheel wells, apply a sealant/wax, dry and dress tires with a professional grade dressing that will not look greasy or sling onto your vehicle. The interior gets a vacuum of the main areas, and front interior area receives a light wipe down and dust. We finish up by adding in a little air freshener and a streak free window clean. This service is perfect for "in between" details to keep your vehicle in good shape. Although we are able to go much further our packages are designed with everyday vehicles in mind. Something realistic and practical for the majority.

  • Basic Detail Package

    Basic Detail Package

    This is a very popular and practical "true detail" package. Nothing replaces time invested into your vehicle and a company who uses true professional grade products! We hand wash the exterior, clean the wheels, lug areas, interior wheel area, wheel wells, and tires. We clean around the emblems and trim areas to remove dirt and discoloration. We clean door jambs, trunk/hatch jambs. The exterior painted surfaces gets a decontamination that dissolves tiny particles of debris that sticks in the clear coat of your vehicle. We follow this step with a light clay to further remove contaminants, make your paint feel smooth and properly prep it for a long lasting wax or sealant! Then we apply your wax or sealant for 2-3 months of protection. We dry the exterior and door jambs. In the process we remove any road grime, tar, etc that may be present.


    The interior gets a thorough cleaning. We blow out under and beside your seats and often missed areas to remove anything hidden, followed by a thorough vacuum. We actually clean all interior panels, levers, shifters, pedals, steering wheel, buttons, seat belt clips, grab handles and compartments! This process removes makeup build up, grease, etc. We dust all cracks, crevices, compartments, vents and other often missed areas that collect dust, crumbs, and spills! We also always clean the trunk/cargo areas and spare tire area when applicable. This gives your vehicle a clean look without simply covering up things with a greasy dressing that stains clothing and collects dust and dirt! We do a light wipe down of leather seats, spot clean any random spots or spills, and steam extract the floor mats.


    Our last step is one final light blowout and vacuum. Wipe down and check over. We clean the windows and give you a streak free service! After a final walk around of the exterior we dress the tires with a professional grade tire dressing that will not sling onto your clean vehicle! We recommend this service every 4 months with our maintenance detail at minimum every month. This can truly make a difference as your vehicle ages! Although we are able to go much further our packages are designed with everyday vehicles in mind. Something realistic and practical for the majority.


  • Basic "PLUS" Detail Package

    Basic "PLUS" Detail Package

    Includes everything listed above in our Basic Detail Package. Also Includes leather or cloth seat cleaning, full carpet steam extraction/clean, and a engine bay detail. If your vehicle needs carpets or seats cleaned this is the package for you!

  • Elite Detail Package

    Elite Detail Package

    This is our top "tier" package.  A total reset for your vehicle! The Elite package includes everything  listed in the Basic and Basic Plus Detail Packages. In addition we do a exterior polish/enhancement to the exterior paint! Not quite a "true" paint correction, but adds a lot of shine and depth to your vehicle and will remove some light swirling from your vehicle. Keeping budget in mind this is a great package for someone looking to make a big difference for a budget! Although we are able to go much further our packages are designed with everyday vehicles in mind. Something realistic and practical for the majority

  • Headlight Lens Restoration

    Headlight Lens Restoration

    After years of damage from the sun, weather, and other outdoor elements your headlights can start to turn yellow or faded looking. You will often notice a texture or uneven look. This is the factory UV protectant/coating failing. As the months pass it gets worse. This greatly reduces the function and safety of your lights and also takes away from the look of your vehicle. Many places advertise and offer cheap and quick fixes. From bug spray, to acetone, to the quick kits at your local auto parts store. In some cases you can improve the look a little, but without properly removing the failing factory coating it will quickly return wasting your time and money! We do it the proper and professional way.


    We sand and remove all the failing factory coating. We then work our way back up sanding and wet sanding until we start bringing back a clear and refined look to the lens. Once we have removed all previous sanding marks and have obtained the look we feel is needed we then compound the lens to bring it back to a clear and finished look. Following this step we do a polish step that then puts your headlight lens in a better than new condition! We then apply our Opti Lens Coating and give you a two year warranty! This can be done for a fraction of the cost of new headlight lens yet still give you the new look!

  • Interior Details/Odor Removal

    Interior Details/Odor Removal

    After time a vehicle can develop a certain smell. Usually caused by dust, dead skin cells, and other things that come from daily usage. Often times it can be cigarettes, spills, food, and even mold/mildew. Many of us love our pets and pet hair and dander can also be a big factor in odors. We have many methods at our disposal to eliminate odor and nothing feels better than a fresh, clean, and good looking interior! We use only true professional grade products and methods that properly and safely do the job. Our base method is always the interior detail that is included in our Basic "PLUS" detail package. And from there we utilize our experience and methods to further approach and remove the cause of the odor. If this seems like what you need contact us today to get a free estimate/consultation!

  • New Vehicle Preservation

    New Vehicle Preservation

    This service is designed for new, off the lot vehicles and customers who want to protect their investment/vehicle up front. You have several options with this service but the goal here is to give it a true professional detail, overall evaluation, give it protection on the interior and exterior areas. Although new, your car has zero protection, and likely already has swirls from improper quick wipe downs. The majority of vehicles also come with orange peel, sanding marks, and other defects from the actual manufacturer. It has proven time and time again to be true.... A vehicle that is maintained properly upfront and on a regular schedule will hold much more value 5 years later when traded or sold! This service offers a interior detail and application of product that protects your interior from sun damage over time. Exterior is properly detailed and evaluated. We do a actual single step paint correction(read more in our paint correction section) that will for make a clear difference in the paint on your brand new vehicle! We use polish that when topped with our professional grade sealant will give you a full year of protection if maintained properly! Much more than any over the counter wax can offer! Customers also have a choice to further the protection and apply a a 5 or 7 year Ceramic Coating. Please take a look at our "Ceramic Coatings" tab to learn more or contact us today for a free estimate/consultation.

  • Show Car Prep

    Show Car Prep

    This is a service we offer for customers who have those delicate and valuable one of a kind show cars that need special attention. We have the skill and experience to professionally and safely care for these type of investments. If your needing a light clean for a upcoming cruise, or a full prep for a upcoming show that you want your vehicle to be in top form we can take care of you! We love what we do and take great pride and passion in it. We understand these vehicles cant be replaced, at times hold huge value, and are something you also take great pride in! Contact us today and we will gladly figure out whats needed, allow you to see our shop, products, tools, and in general how we operate!

Auto Detailing, Birmingham, AL 35233
Auto Detailing, Birmingham, AL 35233